Yes! MUFE sponsored me!

 "More than thirty years ago, MAKE UP FOR EVER was originally created by renowned Parisian makeup artist Dany Sanz to meet the diverse needs of professional makeup artists around the world. Today, MAKE UP FOR EVER remains wholly dedicated to offering the ultimate, high-performance range of colors, textures and formulas that allows beauty lovers to unleash their imaginations. MAKE UP FOR EVER’s products are trusted by the prosbackstage, on set and on camera, ensuring you the highest quality, most reliable makeup in the industry."

Got my first sponsorship from @makeupforeverofficial for this epic Star Wars Tribute Photoshoot AND NYE show! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to share the action, the art, and the show!  Stay tuned! 😍😍😍😍😍

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Photoshoot ideas/inspiration  

Photoshoot ideas/inspiration  

Who will I bring to life on NYE? 

Who will I bring to life on NYE? 

Love and Support

Been on challenging missions in the last couple days with local and clients from out of state, working until 1:00 am at the studio... it means the world to me to know my crazy attention to details and going the extra mile just because I care, is appreciated by others. I never thought I'd be that master artist in my industry that clients fly back from the both coasts because they trust only me to take care of them. Now I'm rocking that status I once envied other masters of my industry. That's that best motivation to keep on pushing forward and keep progressing in everything I know I'm great at.  And then... where I'm not appreciated, time to say "bye-bye" to dead body weight. (: #thankyou #appreciation  #clients  #business #entrepreneur

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They will even be coming back to see the  crystal ball MN  NYE2016 show! I'll be pluggin in specifics talents as requested and creatively direct in the hair and makeup department. It will only be a short number but it will be amazing! Anyways, That's real love and support. ❤️

*happy dance*